Wednesday, November 12, 2008


It is so hard to put into words of how thankful I truly am for my family. So, I'll start off simple.

I'll begin with the woman who gave birth to me and who enjoys telling complete strangers about how I was her most difficult birth. My (not at all simple) mother. She truly is a wonderful women. I'm so grateful for her example. She is one of the most compassionate people I have every met. She cares about everyone. She prays for those who are going through trouble times and makes herself available whenever someone is in need. She has not only been a wonderful mother, but also a wonderful teacher. I have learned so much from her and thankful for her love and support. I am very blessed to have her as my earthly mother.

Next, my father, the family guy. Growing up we always knew that we were our father's focus. I am grateful for my father for always being a good example in my life and in my brothers lives. He is a true example on how a husband and father should be. I remember when I was younger we were attending a church function, as we were enjoying the church festivities my dad noticed my mom's shoelaces had come untied. Instead, of just telling my mother that her shoelaces were untied, he bent down to tied them for her. Just that small gesture my father did for my mother, taught me that my father not only loves my mother, but he respects her too.

Now to my brothers. Oh, where do I begin! Eric and Aaron you are two great guys. I couldn't have been luckier, to have you two as my brothers. Being the youngest and the cutest I know there was some jealousy, but we can look past that now...right? Eric, you are the best big brother ever! You always give me great advice and always watch out for me. Aaron, the same goes for you too. You where always the cool kid in school, which was a bonus for me, because I was never bullied! Thanks!

I'm not only grateful for my immediate family, but also my extended family. Thanks to my grandparents for teaching me endurance. Showing me that even through the tough times, you truly can overcome all things. Thanks, to my aunts and uncles for being fun, and being good examples in my life. Thanks, to my cousins for their friendships. I do have to say, my cousins are the cousins of all cousins! Finally, my adorable nieces and nephews. Each of you definitely have your own personality. Some are shy, some are NOT! Some are cute, some are cuter!

You all bring great joy into my life, and not only into mine, but also in the lives of many who come to know you.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Its been a while...

Well, its been a while since I've written anything.  This evening, we went to the school for Veteran's Day celebration.  Molly sang in the school choir.  Our Boy Scout troop put out flags through out the neighborhood.  It reminds of the importance of expressing gratitude to all who have served.  Sometimes, we get caught up in our lives, that we forget the great sacrifices made to make our country free.  Free.  It's an interesting word.   It denotes a understanding that one is not bound, or under slavery.  We all appreciate our freedoms.  Freedom to worship.  Freedom to assemble.  Freedom to bear arms.  Freedom from oppression or tyranny.  Freedom to pursue life, liberty, and enjoy tranquility and peace.  I think what's interesting about freedom is that someone must unbind us to be free.  We must be made free, to be free.  I am grateful to God for those who have stood up for all of us and created, protected, and  defended our rights, privileges, freedoms, and liberties.  

Thank you.....Eric